Even if you aren’t normally into reading books on hiking or nature, I think you’ll find yourself as shocked as I was that you actually like this book.
Give it a try, even if it’s not what you normally read.  Paul writes in such a way that  you journey along with him through the highs and lows of the AT and of life.
I’ll be honest with you.  I fully expected to hate this book.  In fact, I was fairly certain that I would open the pages of this book and find it so extremely boring that I wouldn’t even be able to finish it.  I was actually hesitant in reviewing this book, but then decided to do it because you never know what books you will end up liking.  Then when I got it, I was not enthused about reading it and kind of dreading it.  Now, are you ready for the shocker?!  I loved it!  This book was not a book of facts.  It was not a bunch of random stories about the AT thrown into a book.  It was not a book about some deep philosophical thing learned on the AT.
First off, I love anything about the Amish/Mennonites, so you  can imagine how enthused I was after reading the chapter on his family and how he grew up Amish and then left to go to a Mennonite church.  When I flipped the book open to start what I through would be endless ramblings causing my eyes to cross, I actually found myself hooked from page 1 and so curious about his hike that I stayed up 2 hours past my bedtime each night to finish it.  I couldn’t believe that reading someone else’s story about the AT would be so wonderful.
My heart hurt for him as he walks through the death of his wife.  I can’t imagine the pain and loneliness he must have felt some nights on the trail.  I laughed so hard in the chapter about how miserable and rainy it was.  I thought it was hilarious that someone from a church group had made a bowl of chili, so as people were going to sleep, endless noises were making him stay awake thanks to the snoring and well…other things.
Paul was honest about how he just needed to hear from God during this time of solitude.  He went from Georgia to Maine on the AT and completed his dream of hiking through the AT.

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