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  • Living3368

    Hiking Through is a book about a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


  • Lighthouse-Academy

    HIKING THROUGH is a recounting of Mr. Stutzman’s journey, spiritually, emotionally, and physically, and it is utterly fascinating.

  • Moments

    I was drawn into this journey right away and I felt that Paul really does a great job at connecting with the reader by his style of writing and his honesty.


  • WV Stitcher

    Mr. Stutzman is a down to earth writer that immediately pulls you into his adventure. Overall, a great book for anyone who is dealing with grief, Nature lovers and anyone who has ever thought about hiking the Appalachian Trail will also find this book hard to put down.
  • A Slice of the Epic

    What an amazing book this is! Mr. Stutzman did a great job leading you through his journey of healing with humor and sadness mingled together while he hiked the entire Appalachian Trail all on his own.

  • When Life Gets You Down…Read a Book

    Even if you aren’t normally into reading books on hiking or nature, I think you’ll find yourself as shocked as I was that you actually like this book.
  • Adventures in Homeschooling

    A great uplifting book, for anyone!
  • Christy’s Book Blog

    Paul Stutzman is a great plainspoken writer with a gift for detail and self-deprecation that keeps readers hooked for mile after mile.

  • Carlybird’s Home

    There is definitely something for everyone in this book because we have all experienced a loss or we know someone who has.


  • Pausing to Consider… it Takes Courage

    I’m giving Hiking Through five stars and plan on reading it again soon.