I was drawn into this journey right away and I felt that Paul really does a great job at connecting with the reader by his style of writing and his honesty.

Needing to challenge himself and also needing to heal after losing his wife to breast cancer, Paul sets off on a life-changing hike. Along the journey Paul meets many individuals and shares about his interactions with them. Not only is Paul phsycially challenged , but he is also emotionally and spiritually challenged and refreshed as well.

Paul Stutzman shares his journey in his book, “Hiking Through.”  This book is a record of his journey, both physical and emotional.  Paul shares his heart and his personal thoughts and experiences throughout the book.

I found his experiences along the trail fascinating as hiking the entire Appalachian Trail is probably something I will never do and this allowed me to have this experience.  This book would be an excellent read for individuals trying to cope with the loss of a loved one as well.

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