There is definitely something for everyone in this book because we have all experienced a loss or we know someone who has.

I am thankful that Paul decided to share his loss and healing with us.  I really didn’t want this book to end because there was so much comfort and inspiration on these pages.  I highly recommend Hiking Through.
This book appealed to me for so many reasons I don’t even know where to start.  First of all, I love memoirs, they are all I read before I got hooked on Christian fiction.  Second, I love to read books about nature and adventures I’ll likely never see.  I also love books about healing that are written by people who have experienced the very healing that the book is about.  Hiking Through was exactly the book I was hoping it would be.

I have had a difficult time watching my dad deal with the grief of my mom’s death in 1997 and reading Paul’s experience and his journey to healing was very therapeutic and inspiring.  I admired his bravery to give up what was comfortable to pursue a dream.  His reflections on faith, his wife’s memory and the healing he experienced on the AT makes this book a wonderful read for anyone who has ever suffered a loss.

Not only is Hiking Through an inspirational memoir, but it also introduced me to an entirely different culture that I knew nothing about.  I have no desire to hike the Appalachian Trail (I like comfort and warmth way too much), but I find it fascinating and to read a book about it and the sub-culture and details of the journey, kept me glued to the book.  Of course, Paul’s writing was terrific.  He is very down to earth and friendly with his writing.  I always felt that he was very much a human being who only wanted to share the wisdom he learned from God with the rest of us, because we can all benefit from it.


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