Our luck ran out yesterday. After 29 days of hiking in the sunshine, the heavens opened up and rained on us. I had my pack cover along and covered my pack. Memories of a wet hike on the AT returned. I did have one extra item along on this hike. At the last minute, I held the small umbrella in my hand deciding whether the extra weight would be worth it. It was. I carried both hiking sticks in one hand and the umbrella in the other. For a month, it lay at the bottom of my pack only to become useful yesterday. It was a small one I received on a Pioneer Trails bus trip. No charge, Dave, for the plug.

I don’t normally post food pictures since I’m not interested in what other folks are eating. But I’ll only ever eat octopus tentacles once in my life. This part of Spain is famous for serving octopus, and it came highly recommended. Once in a lifetime is enough. Probably once too often.



Did several days of 20 miles and am now arriving in Santiago a day early. I’ll be in on Wednesday and then take Thursday off to greet former hikers as they finish.









Not much happening out here. Old folks walking, gourds growing on walls, cows still strolling on streets, and lots of beautiful flowers and good food.


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