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  • Paul Stutzman
  • Paul Stutzman


The 13th Disciple

By Paul Stutzman

“I wanted to know Jesus better”

Paul Stutzman’s hiking shoes have slogged through Maine’s mud, filled with Mississippi River water,
traversed Spain’s plains, and now tread, in awe, some of the same hillsides, shores, and streets where
Jesus’ sandals trod.

On a hike through Israel, Paul and his friend Craig visit places that were prominent in the life and
ministry of Jesus. Paul is seeking two things: to better know the human Jesus and to find the answer to a
question that has puzzled him for years—What does it mean to follow Jesus?

This journey changes Paul’s understanding of many of the stories in the Gospels. He writes his account in
hopes that you, too, will find a closer relationship with Jesus of Nazareth as you go with him and Craig to
Nazareth, Capernaum, the far country, the gates of hell, the manger in Bethlehem, the Garden Tomb,
and the city of Jerusalem.

NOTE: This book has been given a new cover and is now titled “Hiking Israel.”