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I was drawn into this journey right away and I felt that Paul really does a great job at connecting with the reader by his style of writing and his honesty. Needing to challenge himself …
-- Kristie from Moments

Hiking Through

One man’s journey to peace and freedom on the Appalachian Trail

When Paul’s wife Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer, life as he had known it began to disintegrate. When she died, there was no way to make life “normal” again.

Paul had often dreamed of hiking the Appalachian Trail. Hiking through the beauty of nature had always brought him solace; so, after a year of trying to continue his life and work through his grief, he made the decision to quit his job, strap on a backpack, and walk the legendary trail through wilderness from Georgia to Maine.

The journey was more difficult than he had ever imagined. A thru-hiker walks the entire length of the trail in one season. In most years, less than 20 percent of all thru-hikers who begin actually finish. Paul encountered all of the things that drive people off the Trail: loneliness, discouragement, homesickness, physical injuries, exhaustion, extreme weather. He had vaguely expected such trials, but he was ambushed by the ferocity of these hardships.

And there was that lingering question: Am I crazy to give up a good job and do this? What am I doing out here?

God walked with him on the trail, throughout four and a half months, over two thousand miles, through fourteen states. This book is much more than a retelling of the adventure, people, and sights of the Trail. It is the story of God creating a new life for Paul Stutzman.

Hiking Throughwas written for all of you who have known the sorrow of losing someone dear and for all of you who still have time to cherish the ones you love. It was written for those who question whether God has any hand in our lives, and for those who believe God walks with us every step of our journeys. And, of course, it was written for anyone who dreams of hiking the great Appalachian Trail.