• National Release of Wandering Home, Saturday, June 28

      WANDERING HOME The sequel to The Wanderers Johnny Miller was 23 when he died the first time. The truck hit him as he pedaled along a Texas road, biking across the country in an attempt to find– somehow, somewhere–a new life. […]

    • Paul on WBCL’s Author Author with Lynne Ford

      Paul was featured on WBCL’s Author Author radio program with Lynne Ford yesterday, April 21, talking about his book Biking Across America, and his experiences of pedaling 5,000 miles across the United States from Neah Bay, Washington to Key West, Florida. Paul’s portion of […]

        • Paul Stutzman to sign books at Dover Public Library

          Paul will be available to meet folks, answer questions, and sign books at Dover Public Library’s Author Fair on Saturday, April 19 from 1-4 pm. The event, part of the festivities for National Library Week, brings together about two dozen local authors to […]

          • Take the First Step

            Six years ago today, I took my first steps into the unknown. I had retired from my restaurant management job and had determined to hike the 2,176 mile Appalachian Trail stretching through 14 states. I was dropped off at a small dirt […]

            • Comfort at His Darkest Moment

              Thanks to Guideposts for interviewing Paul for Lunch-Break Miracles by Diane Aydin, where Paul talks about how a mysterious midnight visitor not only brought him comfort in the dark hours after his wife, Mary’s, funeral, but inspired him to make a big change […]

              • Gods mysterious ways.

                I had promised my family I would end this trip if it became too dangerous or difficult. I hit that wall today. I ended my river trip. It started last night with a text from my sister. Three of my sisters and […]

                • Mississippi River musings

                  Paddled 32 miles today. Left Lake Winny at 8 and finally had a day without life threatening happenings. That is unless you consider biting flies and Mosquitos life threatening. I was chased by legions of these pestilent fellows on the river. Carnage […]

                  • Revenge of the rice fields

                    Several days ago when I was baptized by immersion blutzing over a beaver dam my iPhone and camera also went under. The good news is that although not necessarily sinners they still became saved afterwards. They were however dead in the daily […]

                    • The Seas Were Angry That Day

                      I took yesterday off in Bamidji, Minnesota yesterday to regroup from 4 tough days. I sent 20 pounds of stuff home. I assumed the worst was behind me. I assumed wrong of course. Circling around Lake Bamidji this morning I got a […]