• Photos from Camino

    • Sunflowers in my life: Notes from Camino

      Hiked 13 miles today, mainly alongside roads and highways. Not very scenic, but I did pass a few sunflower fields. Ended up in Carrion de los Condes, Spain at the Albergue Espiritu Santo. I have passed a number of large and small […]

      • Of Shepherds and Sheep: Notes from Camino

        Hiked up one steep hill this morning then it was a relatively easy walk through hay fields and sunflower fields. Followed a canal for many miles into Fromista, Spain where I’m staying tonight. A lot of the folks I had met and […]

        • The Power of Words: Notes from Camino

          Walked through hay fields and sunflower fields on my way to Castrojeriz, Spain and am staying at the San Esteban Albergue. I posted some photos from the hike today and over the past few days. I have been hiking for two weeks […]

          • A Continent Removed: Notes from Camino

            Reader warning: I’m doing some Camino venting today. Perhaps it’s because I got rained on for the first time. It wasn’t bad. Just a slow drizzle. Not enough to unfurl my little umbrella or put on my pack cover. I will probably […]

            • Camino Friends: Notes from Camino

              Hiked about 14.5 miles into Burgos, Spain. I am staying at the Divina Pastora Hostel. It is an 18-bed hostel located in central Burgos close to the famous 13th-century Cathedral de Santa Maria. My hostel is located in the upstairs of a […]

              • Flower Power: Notes from Camino

                I love flowers. They make me happy. They are little bursts of creation God places along my hike. There is a plethora of wild flowers arrayed along my pathway through Spain. I’m including just a small sampling of them. Actually, most were […]

                • Doors: Notes from Camino

                  Left Santo Domingo at seven o’clock in the morning. Hiked for several hours and arrived in an old town (actually, they’re all old) for a breakfast break. There was a small cafe directly across from an old church. The picture of the […]

                  • Mind At Rest: Notes from Camino

                    Newton should have had a fourth law of motion called “a brain at rest tends to remain at rest.” It finally happened today. My brain flat-lined. It also happened on the AT after a while. The first week here on the Camino […]

                    • Reader Mail: Refreshed!

                      Here’s an encouraging word from reader Tim:“I thoroughly enjoyed your “Biking Across America” story. I have been reading several of these “travels across the U.S.” stories, either by foot, bike, or Airstreams. One of the themes I have picked up even when […]