• Reader Mail: “Let’s Go Left”

    Dear Mr. Stutzman (Apostle Paul), I just finished reading Hiking Through and thought I’d share the impact ofyour story on me. Hiking Through was loaned to me by a gentlemen I recently met in New Hampshire. Like you, he lost his wife to […]

    • Giving Back: Notes from Camino

      I was walking down the concourse at the Fresno, California Airport when I spotted several of my books. I admit, as humbly as possible, that never gets old. Two little miracles I called them. Oh yes, I’ve dragged my already jet-lagged body […]

      • Father Mike in Muxia: Notes from Camino

        It’s raining cats and dogs here in Santiago. At least that’s what’s two people told me. That would explain all the critters we saw as we hiked through farms and towns. I enjoy little serendipitous moments when they occur. Today, one did. […]

        • A Hostel Environment: Notes from Camino

          About a year ago, I was on a bus ride with a load of cousins, friends, potential future friends, in-laws, outlaws, and the owner of the bus company, my cousin Dave. Dave actually meets most of the aforementioned criteria. It was a […]

          • Kilometer 0: Notes from Camino

            I have reached kilometer 0. There is no more trail unless I hike back to Santiago. I won’t. I’m done hiking. My pants are ripped, my shoes are shot, my feet hurt. I do have an awesome tan, though. I can also […]

            • The Burn Pile at the Edge of the World: Notes from Camino

              Taking the day off in Finisterre. My feet are happy feet today. Walked the three kilometers to the lighthouse where pilgrims used to think the earth ended. The edge of the earth must be at least 20 miles wide since that’s how […]

              • The Edge of the Earth: Notes from Camino

                My sister thought the trails were all nice. This proves otherwise. Another 20-mile day. The nice path was the last few kilometers into Finisterre. Checked into my room and went down to the waterfront to eat with Jamie and Christine, Lori and […]

                • Traditions, Mennonites, and Streamers: Notes from Camino

                  Hiked 22 miles to Olveiroa, Spain. It was foggy and dark when we left town. It was also a bit foggy inside since I missed my turnoff and hiked a few extra kilometers. Met Jamie and Christine yesterday while hiking. They are […]

                  • Blessed are the Cheesemakers: Notes from Camino

                    Left Santiago this morning and hiked 12-13 miles to Negreira, Spain. I was told the next 20 miles is desolate, so will do that 20 tomorrow. The sunrise is looking back towards the Cathedral. The last few days I’ve hiked through areas […]

                    • Today, Santiago. Tomorrow, the Edge of the World: Notes from Camino

                      Spent the day in Santiago meeting hikers coming into the Cathedral area. Emotional day for many folks who became friends and probably will never see each other again. The line of hikers is where you end your hike and wait to get […]