Today, I’m in Arca, Spain. Hiked a few long days since it’s what I do. A quiet day of introspection. Tomorrow, I’ll hike the 32nd and final day of the Camino de Santiago. I’m one day ahead of schedule so I’ll take Thursday off to rest and meet other hikers. On Friday, I’ll continue on to the coast and to Finisterre. Years ago folks thought that was the end of the earth.

Tomorrow, I’ll again contemplate what hiking across Spain in the last month meant to me. I’ll try to discern what I learned, what I solved, and what yet remains to be worked out.

Long trekking trips like this are so good for both body and mind. I do know that my body is in much better shape. Not sure yet if the mind has improved at all. Hiked by moonlight this morning. It was beautiful.

The pathway is getting quite clogged with Pilgrims heading to Santiago. If you hike or bike the last 100 kilometers, you are able to get a Compostela in Santiago. That’s why the pathways are clogged with latecomers. Our guidebook says to be kind to these rookies since they are likely naive to the ways of the trail. Lots of truth there.









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